dinsdag 1 september 2009

IM Zurich 2010 nieuwe datum

Op m'n to-do lijst staat nog steeds "hotel boeken Ironman Zurich"...

... gelukkig deed ik dit nog niet, de datum is gewijzigd;
1 week vroeger:

Due to several construction sites, the transfer of the “Züri-Fäscht” (Zurich feast) on the competition site “Landiwiese Zurich” and other unexpected difficulties in relation with the 1st of August (national holiday), the organizer had to reschedule the date of the competition of the 14th IRONMAN SWITZERLAND, powered by ewz, to the 25th of July, 2010 (instead of August 1st, 2010).

The president of the organisation committee and director of the organizing agency of sports and events, BK Sportpromotion AG in Schlieren/Zurich, is not unhappy with this new date: “We knew we had to postpone our event in 2010 due to the football championship and the “Züri-Fäscht” of beginning July and mid-July, respectively. In that moment, only the 1st of August was an option – the occupation of the Landiwiese (start/arrival area in the centre of Zurich) didn't give us the choice for another date. The “Züri-Fäscht” takes place every three years and has priority in the city of Zurich with 1,5 million visitors. The “Züri-Fäscht” doesn't take place for two weeks on the Landiwiese, as initially planned, but only for one week. Because of this fact and due to security aspects, considerations on the infrastructure as well as the presence of circuit security personnel and volunteers, we had to decide ourselves for the rescheduling to July 25, 2010. To us, a smooth organization and a very high security standard are of utmost importance and finally, it is a benefit for everyone.”

Also the Züri Triathlon as well as the Schweizer Firmen-Triathlon had to be reschedule the date of the competition to the 24th of July, 2010.

For more information please visit:

There are still a few starting slots available for the IRONMAN SWITZERLAND 2010.

BK Sportpromotion AG, Steinwiesenstrasse 3, 8952 Schlieren/Schweiz

3 opmerkingen:

  1. toch lijkt het me amateuristisch van zo'n organisatie ... dit hadden ze toch kunnen voorzien? Maar kom, een weekje eerder pieken zal je wel lukken zeker??

  2. 't Zal moeten hé Geert, no way back!

  3. Blijkbaar is er op 1 aug. 2010 voor de 1e maal Ironman in het Duitse Regensburg, op amper 430 km. van Zurich; kan ook meespelen...